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it's a form of assault. >> reporter: a criminal profiler tells 9 news that the suspect may have a sexual disorder, that a form of sadomass cism in which one finds sexual gratification by cutting or stabbing a person in a sexually significant area. >> we were a little surprised. and it's definitely unique. nothing that would fall into a normal category. >> reporter: at the fair oaks mall where the most recent attack targeted an 18-year-old victim monday security remains tight. women have called the mall including parents. >> you have have had people that are concerned obviously, have called. i'm always willing to talk with them and explain what we know and what we are doing and it's still a safe place to be. >> reporter: in surveillance photos the suspect wears different clothing but one item remains a constant. the large white watch on his left arm. now, tonight police are really hoping someone in our area
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recognizes the suspect. now, the profiler also told us that he may have tried this type of behavior with a wife or girlfriend and was rejected and now he's turning to strangers. back to you. >> andrea, thank you. late this afternoon we learned of new details regarding a mount ranier police officer accused of trying to sexual -- sexually assault and murder a 20-year-old man he met at a gas station. sources tell us there may be other victims from other incidents. wendy has the latest -- lindsay has more. lindsay? >> reporter: prosecutors say he told the victim that he would pay him to be in a porn movie with women but when they got to the defendant's house there was no one there. >> these are very serious injuries. the facts are very serious.
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>> reporter: the state's attorney was the only person willing to talk to us about the case on camera. the defendant's friends, family and attorneys said nothing, although many were crying in the courtroom. in court prosecutors said gillet wanted to look at and tried to touch the victim in a sexual way prior to making the film. the two then left the house. the defense attorney says gillet drove the victim to an atm so he could pay him later and came back to the house. when no women showed up the victim asked to leave. the prosecutor said he refused unless the victim performed a sex act. the prosecutor said he was trying to escape. the defense says the victim was trying -- the alleged victim was trying to rob him. police say the victim was shot in the back and throat. >> he was hospitalized for some time. we're not sure how highs injuries may play out in the
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future but he's been released from the hospital. >> reporter: sources confirmed now that this may not be the first time joliet descharged his weapon off-duty. we're told he's under investigation for discharging his weapon at home after an altercation with another man. no one was hit in that incident. we're also told he allegedly learned that man -- lured that man to his home with promises of making a porn movie as well. that investigation is still underway. >> thank you. marion barry, the son of the ward 8 council member pleaded guilty to felony drug charges. in may authorities said they found five large bags of pot and vial of pcp in barry jr.'s apartment. he'll be sentenced next month. redskins players eagerly reported to training camp today under a flurry of free agent
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deals and trades. >> that includes an end to the donovan mcnabb era in dc. brett haber with the latest. what is going on? >> reporter: this marriage between donovan mcnabb and mike shanahan was doomed practically in the moment it started. it ended today as many predicted it would, in divorce. christie -- kristen has more. good evening. >> reporter: it was a matter of where he would land. after days of rumors we now know mcnabb will be a minnesota viking. the redskins in return get a sixth round pick in the 2012 draft. a far cry from the second and fourth rounders they gave up to get mcnabb but puts an end to a tumultuous year between the two which ended with the six-time pro bowler on the bench. nab -- as news spread throughout the locker room here at redskins park today some players say they were shocked the way this
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all played out and were sad to see him go. >> i would be lying if i wasn't surprised or wasn't shocked. i think the whole redskin nation was but like i said it was a decision made by coach -- he made it for the betterment of our team. no question. >> you see a guy that has been a pro bowler six times. thinking he'll come in and really help us win more games but it didn't work out. relations broke down and now he's not here. you can't really focus on that. you have to continue to move forward. >> reporter: the redskins did sign another qb today. jets backup kellen clemens. if we consider rex grossman will most likely re-sign we'll have a three-way competition in training camp. we'll see. back to you. >> thank you very much. that was hardly the end of the redskins wheeling and dealing today. they got a couple of new wide receivers and big time defensive tackle. more on that in about 40 minutes. time is running out to
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prevent a government default. we're just six days away from the debt ceiling deadline. and democrats and republicans still seem far apart on a deal. derek mcginty has more. >> reporter: the political soap opera goes on. today looks like speaker john boehner has caused a bit of rebellion in the ranks. some more conservative republican caucus members were pretty upset after the congressional budget office said boehner's plan was not so stingy with the federal spending as had been advertised and withheld support for him. today boehner got them in a meeting and said get in line, drop the opposition and some of them at least appeared to be listening. >> i've moved from leaning no to undecided to lean yes. >> it's better than what we would have if the senate democrats and this president continue on the spending. >> there is no other alternative out there that we think could pass the house. >> reporter: meantime, in the senate side democrats still
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balking at the gop plan. they charring the tea party is dictating the terms. the congressional budget office review found the democrats' completing plan also falls short of delivering all the savings it promises. the main difference between that and the gop plan? it raises the debt limit in one step instead of two. the deadline for raising that debt limit is next tuesday. speaker boehner plans to bring his plan to the house for tomorrow. senator harry reid appearing to holding off on the democrat plan up for a vote so we have no idea of when that might happen. >> thank you. on wall street stocks suffered their biggest loss so far this week. as investors are worried about the possible government default. the dow finished the day down 198 points to close at 12,302. the nasdaq dropped 75 points and s&p 500 fell 27. a bit of a break, now the extreme heat and humidity, going to make a comeback. are we talking triple digits
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again? >> we might be. it's not going to be as stifling as last week but numbers are going to be pretty close. tonight, quite pleasant. it's hot, not humid yet. everybody's low 90s. 93 downtown. 91 andrews and manassas. 90 leesburg. you factor in the humidity, still feels like 93 downtown. 88 gaithersburg and 91 manassas and leesburg. another nice night for baseball. clear and comfortable. low 64 to 74 with light wind. we will come back and talk about when the triple digits and humidity return. also something on our tropical radar. we'll talk about that as well. mid-week, let's check the evening rush hour with monica. >> it was a nice afternoon. everyone tried to get an early start home but hit a lot of heavy traffic. first, northbound, i-270, after
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father hurley boulevard, an accident along the left side of the roadway. you can see the result of that, at least at clopper road heading northbound on 270 because of the crash there. the inner loop of the beltway, early afternoon crash at new hampshire avenue, delays now begin at tysons corner and at least route 123 heading through new hampshire avenue. that will take about an hour. northbound bw parkway, like this all week long, delays at route 50, pretty much continuing to route 32. back to you. the beginning of the end at walter reed army medical center. still ahead, generations of staff and patients show up for a special ceremony to say goodbye. >> the department of transportation wants to make a deal with you. that story coming up. >> first, officers detonate more explosives found on the property of the suspect in the norway terror attacks.
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police detonated explosives today on a farm owned by norwegian terrorist anders breivik. neighbors living nearby that farm were told to leave their houses before the explosion started. authorities believed anders
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breivik accumulated the material for his deadly oslo bomb attack by posing as a farmer. investigators say he then dressed up as a police officer, traveled to an island 25 miles away and opened fire on youngsters. at a labor party summer camp. the hotel maid who accuses dominique strauss-kahn of sexually assaulting her met with prosecutors today. nafissatou diallo broke her silence recently speaking with "newsweek" and abc news. this is the first time though she sat down with prosecutors since they publicly announced they were doubting her credibility. strauss-kahn denies the accusations. the court date has been put off to august 23rd. her death has landed amy winehouse back on the music charts. the british singer's "back to black" cd is re-entering the billboard album chart at number 9 and sold 30,000 units in the past week. in the u.s. she died of unknown causes last saturday. toxicology reports still
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pending, she had struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for years. if you've got outstanding dc parking tickets you want to listen to this. the city is prepared to make you a deal. all right, bruce, is it a real deal? you going to scrap my ticket? >> reporter: can you believe the city is owed $245 million in outstanding parking tickets? that's an awful lot of people. they are going to collect some of the money. what they are going to do is waive some of the penalties. that's andrew green on the run. while inside the dmv today to pay his outstanding parking tickets he got another ticket. and to boot, andrew green, who works as a cook, was having his car towed for a parking violation. what did do you owe now? >> $50. i just paid $100. >> reporter: the tow truck operator returned the vehicle to the young family. ironically on the very day the dc government is announcing that six-month amnesty program
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beginning august 1st. >> we're looking at a 50% phase-in for you all, the customers and the residents. >> i stupidly parked where i shouldn't have. >> reporter: the programs won't help people with tickets issued this year or last. >> this is $50. this is $500? >> yes. >> whoa. >> reporter: you have that kind of money? >> no. >> reporter: the amnesty applies only to tickets issued before january 1, 2010. citations for moving violations and photo enforcement tickets and all late penalties will be waived. did you ever consider just letting people go? start over? zero base? >> no. >> reporter: we can't explain how transportation officials come up with this figure but say they are hoping to collect $6.3 million in the amnesty program. dc officials concede they will take what they can get of the $245 million that is owed in outstanding tickets. the amnesty program runs from august this year to january of
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2012. for some reason it seems like maryland drivers accumulate far nor tickets in dc than anyone else. get this, 37% of the outstanding tickets are held by maryland drivers. 22.7% held by virginia drivers. and city drivers, well, they account for only 17% of those outstanding tickets. i say you're one of those maryland drivers? >> i don't. i pay my money when i get my ticket. i have a question about why i got a ticket for not turning my wheels toward the curb. really? >> it's the law. once you have the brake on, it rolls down and hits a couple of other -- my question is, when did you starlight driving yourself? >> i don't have a driver. we're a full service operation here. everybody does their part. thank you very much. speaking of wheels, the district is gearing up to expand its bike share program. plans call for 32 new stations to be involved this fall. it's going to be the first major expansion of the dc bike
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program last september. arlington county is planning an extension with 30 new stations all destined for the rosslyn/ballston corridor. check it out. that time of year ago. wild ponies herded from assateague to cheek teague island today. they are auctioned off to raise money for the local volunteer fire department there. ones not sold are allowed to roam free for another year on the national wildlife refuge on assateague. so, it's not too bad being out here now. you can feel the humidity building a little. >> we have a breeze. temperatures aren't crazy hot yet but they will be soon. >> how nice. >> let's start with the satellite picture first. we have now tropical storm don. he just formed, actually. this is actually maybe good news for texas who have been hot and dry all month. really all summer as it moves
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to the north and west. right now, tropical storm moving to the northwest. here's the track. this is the model the forecast track is on. the closer the lines are together the more confluent the models, the better chance it can go in that direction. you see a lot of divergence here of the models but generally moving to the north and west. if it goes into texas that would be good news. dallas is in 100 degrees or higher. for us, not bad, 93 downtown. 90 leesburg. 88 gaithersburg and again that 97 up in frederick is running high. that is not actual temperature. factor in the humidity though and temperatures don't change much. 91 manassas, 90 leesburg. feels like 93 downtown. still always a good idea to exercise in the morning, especially as we close out the week and humidity returns and gets hotter.
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comfortable tonight, sunny, morning commute, grab the sunglasses again. heating up with more humidity tomorrow. the record highs possible friday. record high 99, that will be threatened. for tonight, clear and comfortable, open the windows, at least in the suburbs you can. 64 to 74. breezy now, winds light after midnight. lows mainly in the 60s. outside the beltway. still 70s downtown. i mean, 74 arlington, and 67 in rockville. 68 andrews. still low 70s in waldorf but to the west, 70s in reston and fairfax and mid-60s in leesburg, middleburg and manassas. a nice break. tomorrow morning, mostly sunny, warm by noon, 70s and 80s. air quality goes to code orange, unhealthy air. if you have respiratory problems you need to stay indoors. if you're very young or very old you should also limit your time outdoors. partly cloudy and hot, more humid by afternoon. we'll keep it dry tomorrow. high temperatures 90 and 95,
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winds south/southwest at 10. everybody should make 90 again tomorrow. 92 downtown. 92 college park. 92 rockville. 92 fairfax. let's break it down. 64 to 74 in the morning. pretty pleasant. 85 to 90 by noon. we'll call it warm then 90 to 95, more humid and we'll keep it dry by evening. next three days, this gets hotter. 99 friday. record highs are possible. 96 on saturday. only isolated thunderstorms in the forecast. next seven days, some good news. scattered storms come into the forecast sunday and monday so we'll be more numerous and because of that temperatures will be held into the low 90s. we're back in the mid-90s next tuesday with isolated storms. we're dry again next wednesday with temperatures back up into the upper 90s. >> the heat wave thing again. i think you like putting it up there. just because. >> well, when it's 99 it
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warrants it. >> but not as excited as -- not even close. up next, protecting your child's skin from the sun. it's a must but now there is a new reason to reconsider using sprays sunblock.
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tonight's consumer alert. first up, cd players will soon be passe in ford focus vehicles. the car company says the new models will be equipped with usb sockets for digital music players and a computer hub will allow you to access your music library through the web. ford is the first automaker to replace cd players with the digital technology. the ford focus may be a good gas sipper but high prices at the pump sent scooter sales scoring. according to the industry council there's been a 30% increase in sales for the two-wheeler. a $5 fillup will get about 100 miles a gallon. it does have limitations. the tank can only hold up to three gallons and tops out at a
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maximum speed of 45 miles an hour so as its name implies it's good for scooting around, not for long trips. whether you take that trip from a scooter or car you have to make sure you have the sunscreen on. the food and drug administration is investigating some spray-on concerns. in short they are looking into whether spraying this on causes you to inhale the ingredients. they are particularly concerned about that in kids obviously. kids are moving around. so you're spraying them. and there's a possibility that they could inhale it. so starting in 2012, as with the new standards for sunscreens, these makers are going to have to prove that inhailing what is in these products is not dangerous. >> so there's nothing toxic. >> nothing toxic when it goes into the body. there are questions about that right now. which is why the fda is investigating. so for now, if you got to use a spray-on, they say literally spray it into your hand and then rub it into. if you have to use it. or use the lotion.
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that's the better option. >> so much easier with squirmy kids. you can see why they became popular. i make mine hold their breath. >> just as easy with skirmy kids is for them to get it into the nasal passages. that is the concern. so you spray it on the hands, rub it in or use lotion for now. you know about the deal sights. we talk about this a lot. there's groupon, living social, etc. what if you have buyer's remorse? what about that impulse buy? >> i've done. that >> you don't want it anymore. you can give these vouchers a second life. there's a whole market now devoted to them. sites like dealsgoround lets the sellers list it for free in the web site. lifesta charges 99 cents for its listing. you get one of these things, it's expired or already used you can get your money back. recoup works like craigslist. buyers and sellers contact each
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other to negotiate. all the web sites are at the bottom of the screen. >> i hate when mine expires. that's the thing. i buy a bunch of them. then go, oh, i forgot to use that -- last year. so now you got a way to use them again. coming up next -- new at 5:30 -- generations of staff and patients come to say good bye to a 100 year institution. coming up, the closing of walter reed.
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new at 5:30 -- a true end of an era. walter reed army medical center about to close for good and today a special ceremony was held with generations of staff and patients coming back to say goodbye. our own peggy fox was there. i imagine a day of mixed emotion? >> absolutely. a lot of people said it was sad, bittersweet. while the facility is closing the people and the mission are moving to upgraded facilities and a new way of caring for wounded warriors. under the flags of walter reed army medical center generations of wounded soldiers have received care. from 1909 to now. >> i was there on patrol. >> reporter: sean kishner lost his lower right leg in
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afghanistan, since june he says he's received excellent care at walter reed and sorry to see it go. >> it's a bummer it's closing >> there's no room to expand to meet the changing demands of the complexity of the warriors we have now. >> reporter: the army's golden knights parachute team added some excitement to a melancholy atmosphere as hundreds came to say goodbye. >> we are absolutely thrilled we have so many people come out to acknowledge the historic event that represents. 100 years of service. >> reporter: in a ceremony called casing the colors the walter reed army medical center flag was rolled up by the center's command sergeant maker marking the inactivation of the unit. >> it was sad. it was the end of a very historical era but it was also the beginning of joy. >> reporter: walter reed will no longer be an army hospital but the name of the famous army
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doctor who helped eradicate yellow fever will carry over to bethesda naval hospital. that will be named walter reed national military center. >> we're taking the legacy, moving to it bethesda and entering a new era of joint medicine. >> reporter: the closure not only has to do with consolidation but the aging buildings and limited land to expand on at the walter reed site. the army already built more than a million square feet at the bethesda facility and another million at for the -- fort fort belvoir. >> you've been there, not just as a reporter but personal reasons? >> that's right. my brother-in-law, captain pat horan was injured in iraq in 2007. he was shot in the head and he had to learn to walk and talk again. he's still receiving care at walter reed now.
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the army has helped him with many different kinds of therapy. and treatment over the past four years. he continues to make progress. as to what happens to the walter reed site itself, half goes to the city, dc, the other half goes back to the state department. >> thank you, peggy fox. the grammy-award winning classic rock band the doobie brothers delivered a musical salute to the soldiers at walter reed army medical center today as part of the closing ceremonies. the uso of metropolitan washington organized the concert the doobie brothers had entertained and visited servicemen and women across east asia and the pacific and they've helped raise millions of dollars in support for our men and women in uniform. metro is rolling out a new metro bus route between the pentagon and marc center august 8th. the 7m line will run every 10 minutes at rush hour, every 15
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minutes at offpeak hours. thousands of government workers are moving from crystal city to the marc center as part of the barack -- base reassignment and closure plan. with so much talk about the debt ceiling debate it's almost impossible to tune it all out. that buzz is inspiring one local band, national arlington rappers. they went from making youtube videos at home to becoming a top selling artist on i-tunes and teeming up with a libertarian group to create a debt ceiling rap video. now you have really seen it all. brittany morehouse shows us how it was created. >> reporter: can't even tell you how many thousands of youtube hits this video is getting because the number keeps climbing by the second. the rapper, the man behind the lyric. >> republicans are calling democrats crazy. democrats are calling the republicans crazy. i was just watching it, like, y'all are crazy. maybe we should do a video about it. >> reporter: and meredith bragg is the man behind the
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video. >> i don't know how many times we sat down shooting this. and had to remind ourselves this is our job. >> reporter: he created it for reason . tv, a libertarian group. >> it's in front of a green screen in a room in dc. that makes the tunnel, the alleyway, the fan footage. genius at work. you can turn just a room into a committee hearing. thesee >> reporter: it's video from last week shot on location. >> picked a great week to be filming around dc in a polyester jump suit. >> reporter: while it's hard to imagine setting the laughter aside to turn serious that is in fact the goal of the final product. >> as people click on to some of the recent content and read the in depth policy analysis. next up, i'll learn how to dunk. seems like a lot of people can do it, why not me? >> reporter: judging by popularity it looks like he already knows how. brittany morehouse, "9news
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now." >> kind of catchy. he initially had the debt ceiling at $60 trillion. that of course takes into account the future entitlements and offbudget costs. the change went back to $40 trillion since that's the number most of us know. haymarket has a budget surplus and residents getting a refund. that's right. council members said several factors contributed to the surplus including a combination of good fiscal management and dose of good luck. the surplus totals $150,000 and single-family homeowners could get between $250 and $500. let's check the evening rush hour with monika and timesaver traffic. >> i think we're finally saving
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some time. a couple accidents from earlier have been cleared. we're going to start with a look north side on i-270, with the accident up above this point at father hurley boulevard, it was cleared. you just got the slow traffic getting by, normal rush hour stuff. the other side of town, planning to head across the american legion bridge on the inner loop of the beltway, early afternoon traffic at new hampshire avenue, or accident there, set the tone for the tough rush hour. leaving tysons corner on the inner loop, pretty much continued to new hampshire avenue with the lanes open. southbound 395 where you got delays right past duke street and on 95 from lorton to woodbridge. by the way, good news for commuters in fairfax county. it's agreed to release $6 million to widen route 28. the move follows a request from the virginia department of transportation. four sections of route 28 are scheduled to widen this stretch of the roadway between sterling boulevard and the dulles toll road and southbound route 28 bridge over the dulles toll
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road are among the locations slated for improvement. back to you. >> thank you. up next, a man steals a back hoe but his attempt to take out an atm with it wasn't such a success. all caught on tape. >> don't forget, we're always on at
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a bold attempt to steal an atm. the robber used a stolen back hoe to smash through a bait and tackle shop in pine prairie, louisiana but the suspect couldn't get the atm and the $2,000 inside it. nothing else was taken but police say there was a similar robbery at a pharmacy a few months ago. a massive watermain break caused major disruptions in the bronx this morning. streets looked like rivers and subway cars bypassed the 176th street station because of all the water. so drivers had to find alternate routes and avoid the area with all of that water. it's still unclear what caused the watermain to break. sky 9 flew over the scene of a gas leak today in germantown. this happened in the 11,400 block of poplar terrace this morning. talking about three dozen
5:41 pm
houses evacuated as a result. the people are back in their homes tonight. nobody was hurt, fortunately. investigators say contractors in the area struck a gas line. we got a sneak peek at a new state of the art firehouse. this one in arlington. the new station is on old dominion drive. fire officials held a dedication ceremony today. area families were invited to take a tour, meet the firefighters and check out the cool equipment. coming up on "9news now" -- donovan mcnabb gone from the redskins. and that was just the beginning of the wheeling and dealing today. we're going to introduce you to a couple of new receivers and bigtime defensive tackle. >> we got a break on the humidity. not so much on the pollen. trees are gone but grass in the high range now. it's grass season. weeds in the moderate range, mold also moderate. when we come back, we'll talk about the heat and humidity returning. and more. >> a new study has some answers for parents about a link between cancer and
5:42 pm
children's cell phone use.
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the battle against foodborne illness going global. a team at the university of maryland school of medicine helped unravel the gene code of the e. coli outbreak in germany. part of an effort by scientists to share info as fast as possible about mutations or new strains of pathogens. knowing the gene sequence of the bacteria can guide doctors in which drugs to use and which ones to avoid in treating people when they do get sick. also tonight, a new study on a controversial topic. cell phones and brain cancer. this research may ease some concerns about the impact of radiation from the phones on a very sensitive group, kids and teenagers. like most of our friends, 11-year-old rebecca carries a cell phone. >> i like to call my mom after
5:46 pm
activities. text my friends. see what they are doing. >> reporter: her mother knows there's been talk of a possible link between radiation from cell phones and brain tumors but she's not overlea concerned. >> everybody's doing it, must not be that bad. >> reporter: still, cheryl was happy to hear the results of a new study that finds cell phone use doesn't increase the risk of brain cancer in children and teens. in switzerland researchers looked athands ofpedia -- hundreds of pediatric brain cancer patients and found they are not more likely. but it's only the childhood impact, not long term day after day, week after woke, year after year. >> the child that begins using the cell phone at 7 or age 12, when they are 47, after four decades of using the cell phone, is there risk of developing brain cancer? is it higher? >> reporter: there's speculation children may be
5:47 pm
more susceptible because their skulls are thinner and more radiation could penetrate the brain. experts say if you are concerned use the earpiece or phone speaker. cheryl says her daughter mostly texts, only talks on the phone when necessary. >> it makes me feel better. as soon as she calls me i know she's ok. >> reporter: in may a world health organization panel concluded there is a possible cell phone risk they could cause cancer. putting the devices in the same category as coffee. engine exhaust and core chloroform. there's a commemorative one-day pass, in advance of the dedication of the memorial to the slain civil rights leader next month. that limited edition, mlk pass is good for one day of unlimited metro rail travel, on weekdays after 9:30 or all day on saturday, sundays and holidays. the u.s. postal service could use a little good luck these days. today they gave a good luck
5:48 pm
mascot the forever stamp of approval. it's the beloved mascot that provided good luck to the railway mail service a century ago. the story of the scruffy mutt is one of the most popular exhibits of the national postal museum. his widespread travels inspired several children's books. >> i have to say this morning it was a bit refreshing being outside but that is already changing this afternoon. >> only a little. it's still comfortable. hot but not humid yet. the sky as blue as i've seen it in july. it's a nice treat. humidity comes back tomorrow. the real heat and humidity come back on friday. let's talk about don, the latest, tropical storm don. you can go to the web site to find out more, if you know someone down in cancun, they are knot having fun now. they are inside drinking, not outside by the tiki bar. this is going to move northwestward, a minimal strength tropical storm now. this is actually good news if it were to take this track, in between wrownsville and houston, heading into texas over the weekend, a strong
5:49 pm
thunderstorm on minimal strength hurricane because it would cool off texas and give much-needed rainfall. right now winds 40 miles per hour. so again, minimal strengths and gusts 50 miles per hour. movement to the west/northwest at 11 miles per hour. more on the web site. 93 downtown. 91 manassas, 90 leesburg. comfortable tonight. sunny morning commute. more humidity tomorrow. record highs are possible again on friday. for tonight, enjoy it, clear and comfortable. open the windows in the suburbs. 64 to 74 with light winds. downtown we're still talking low to mid-70s but pretty comfortable in the suburbs. 67 in rockville. 65 gaithersburg. in the 70s to the south. through waldorf and fort belvoir but 67 in fairfax and reston and mid-60s in sterling and leesburg, middleburg and manassas. tomorrow morning, mostly sunny, very warm by noon.
5:50 pm
serchth and 80s. air quality code orange, that is unhealthy. afternoon, partly cloudy, hot and more humid, temperatures between 90 and 95, winds out of the south/southwest at 10. next seven days -- here's the friday, 99, isolated storms, 96 saturday. isolated storm. a better chance of scattered storms on sunday and monday. consequently back in the low 90s. then mid-90s on tuesday, with an isolated storm. don't look now, we're back in the upper 90s again next wednesday, and dry. >> it's july. >> thank you. as we've been telling you all afternoon, donovan mcnabb gone from the redskins. >> who does that leave? brett haber has answers. >> reporter: you have to admit after 11 years in green it looked weird to see donovan mcnabb in burgundy and gold. some fans never adjusted to it. some argue donovan mcnabb himself never adjusted to it.
5:51 pm
now how does he look in purple? dave owens has more on the departure. didn't really surprise anybody? >> reporter: no. we figured shanahan wanted this done before thursday. could you imagine the distraction it would have caused had a deal not been done before players to to report tomorrow? it's done, mcnabb to minnesota. donovan mcnabb gone? after the way he was hailed 15 months ago sort of hard to believe. >> i would be lying to say if i wasn't surprised or shocked. i think the whole redskin nation was. >> reporter: he's played 161 games. you can bet he'll do everything in his power to erase the last redskins from his memory. indignity of third quarterback status. >> i love him dearly. he was the leader in the locker room. >> reporter: that leaves john beck, rex grossman and a lot of
5:52 pm
other question marks. the team added jets backup kellen clemens today, his career stat? five touchdowns, 11 picks, the effort to bolster the wide receiver area continued today, washington agreeing on a one-year deal with stallworth whose 2010 was derailed by a broken foot but he was a teammate of john beck in baltimore last season. also being reu -- reunited with haslet. who originally drafted him. stallworth says he played a major role in him signing. the skins also traded for jabar gaffney. 20 yards per catch, third best in the league last year but anthony armstrong, came out of nowhere. oh well, time to prove yourself once again. >> if you're bringing somebody else in, i take it as if i'm not doing my job well enough. >> reporter: back to gaffney, he was asked in a phone
5:53 pm
interview how much he knew about john beck. he paused then said, i guess i have to find out a whole lot more. him and the rest of us. live at redskins park, back to you. >> he's the most anonymous starting quarterback in nfl. that's for sure. the redskins made a couple more moves too. we'll tell you about them at 6:00. it oh occurs to me, e -- anita, you presided over donovan mcnabb leaving two towns. maybe it's you? >> i'll let it go. coming up on "9news now" -- in london where the countdown is on to the summer olympics. how workers are transforming the capital a year before the game. >> new at 6:00 -- he claims to be a russian drug lord with hundreds of thousands of dollars. so why did a government employee tell him to lie on an application so he could get some assistance?
5:54 pm
>> a man kidnapped by his own father at age 7 says we should teach our children to fib on the phone or if approached by a stranger, he says we should even be training our kids how to defend themselves to avoid kidnapping. watch my interview on the front page and hear more on
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
today's the 15th anniversary of the olympic park bombing in atlanta. two people were killed, more than 100 others hurt in this attack. july 27, 1996. security guard richard jewel was wrongly accused of planting that bomb. the man who really did it, eric rudolph wasn't caught until 2003. meantime, the london olympics, about a year ago. the city entering its final phase of preps for next summer's game. as tina krauss reports. >> reporter: an olympic extravaganza kicked off in london's trafalgar square to start the one-year countdown to
5:58 pm
the summer games. >> it's absolutely huge. the excitement that is being generated. >> reporter: in 2012 the british capital will welcome 10,000 athletes from more than 200 countries. british diving star tom daly took the first plunge into the pool, in the newly completed 442 million dollar aquatic center. >> it's stunning triumph of british engineering, british architecture, british design. >> reporter: a synchronized swimming team tested the waters, too. one of the most iconic olympic venues is here at the parade, where workers already trucked in more than 2,000 tons of sand for beach volleyball court. the side near buckingham palace is normally used for ceremonies like the annual trooping the color of the queen's birthday. authorities are spending nearly $1 billion to keep events safe. just a day after london was awarded the games in 2005 terrorists attacked the city's transport system killing 52
5:59 pm
people. spectators will face tight security at the capital's 32 venues and officials will keep the threat level elevated. permanent structures like the 80,000-foot stadium are finished but crews are still racing to complete temporary venues. the olympic athletes won't be competing for a year. but their medals are already waiting. cbs, london. >> spectacular digs indeed. london is the only city in the world to host the modern olympic games three times. previous ones 1908 and 1948. thank you for joining us for "9news now" at 5:00. "9news now" at 6:00 starts now. we don't all turn into pumpkins, we do as a country lose our borrowing authority for the first time in our history. >> reporter: capitol hill is a pressure cooker tonight as we are just six days away from the debt ceiling deadline. but even with time running out

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